Hi, I'm Mareike! I'm a copywriter, content marketer and run social media accounts. I love to help small to medium-sized brands communicate their story to their audience.

My work has been published in Denizen, The South African, Australian Times and Emporis.

I live in Cape Town and am available for freelance as well as contract work.

I can spin stories like a spider spins her web. At the heart of every good story is a writer who asks good questions - and that's what I learnt best as a journalist. To see my best work, visit my portfolio.
Content marketing is all the rage, but what does it do? How will it help your company? Great content that targets the correct audience can generate sales, create brand awareness and grow your audience.
The 'four eyes' concept for editing and proofreading is effective when you want to avoid mistakes in your copy. Words are just whispers but I can make them sound like mighty protest chants.