Hi, I'm Mareike!

I’ve been writing for a living for over a decade.

My first taste of magazine publishing was at Rooi Rose with the fabulous Giselle Hon at the helm straight after school, where I assisted as a fashion intern in the large, grey storerooms, packing, returning clothes, and going on shoots in and around Cape Town.

Realising that fashion – while I loved the energy on shoots – wasn’t so much my world, I turned towards communication. What followed was a year of sniffing out the different niches from PR to journalism.

What has always remained is my love for spinning stories and asking questions. I’ve been told – by the one or other annoyed, or slightly surprised, interviewee – that I ask the right questions. I’m nosy. I guess I’ve never outgrown that phase kids go through when they ask their parents “but why?”.

I worked in Germany for four years and am now back in my hometown, Cape Town. I’ve worked as the Content Manager and Print Editor at The South African, and as a marketing specialist at a top safari company.

Writers sometimes say they love the process of writing, yet I enjoy giving a voice to the whispered conversations I hear, the colours I see in paintings – and the stories I see in faces I meet.

Chat to me – I'd love to give your brand a voice and some colour!